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We're looking for a data scientist with a track record of helping companies and products scale as quickly and intelligently as possible. You'll be the first data scientist at a company that will be defined by understanding the hospitality business better than anyone else, and you'll have the opportunity to build out the data team which will be at the core of that effort.

You'll work with each part of the business, from product to sales to operations, to make decisions and suggest changes based on a deep understanding of our data. You'll work on production models, whether they're for forecasting hotel availability or making real-time pricing decisions. You'll help define and build out tools to track our key business metrics, and push the business to meet them in any way you can. The best candidate for this role will be someone equally comfortable helping our sales organization track performance improvements in the sales pipeline as they are building out a model to predict a hotel's metrics better than the hotel can.

Our mission is to use technology to bring efficiency and consumer control to the antiquated way people stay at hotels. You'll be an integral part of accomplishing that goal and making sure we do so as intelligently as possible.


-2+ years experience doing quantitative analysis
-BA/BS in Computer Science, Math, Physics, Engineering, Statistics or another technical field
-Mastery of SQL
-Development experience in scripting languages
-Solid command of statistics (hypothesis testing, regressions, etc)


-A track record of deploying statistical models in production systems
-Experience with distributed computing (Hive/Hadoop/etc)
-Experience with the Google Cloud Platform stack, especially BigQuery
-Experience with Go (Golang)


-Medical/dental/vision insurance
-Flexible work from home policy
-Wellness program

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What We're Building

Recharge is a mobile application, available for iPhone and Android, that enables people to book flexible-length stays at 4 and 5-Star luxury hotels while only paying for the time they need.

Recharge is currently available in San Francisco and New York.

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