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Job Description

Recharge is looking for an experienced hospitality professional. You will own the supply acquisition sales process, working directly with our CEO. You will have direct input into hotel operations, hotel product and our consumer product. You will blaze a path into the world of real estate where customers control how they purchase living space. This will require building relationships with REIT’s, brands, and hotel general managers - unlike a traditional market manager role focused on revenue managers.

At Recharge, you will have the opportunity to change the way the hotel operates, including influencing their cleaning operations and challenging their occupancy assumptions. You will educate hoteliers that F&B is not the only way they can monetize locals. You will be the first full-time hospitality hire working alongside our CEO and other key hotel advisors including former Hyatt Executives and the former President @ Fairmont Hotels. We have strong evidence that going in and out of the hotel whenever the customer wants is the future. Your responsibility will be to walk with our hotel partners into the future.

A successful Market Manager will:

- Define the Chicago city area supply acquisition playbook
- Drive sales through brands, management companies and ownership groups
- Onboard 4 & 5 star hotels in the Chicago city area
- Fine-tune the availability management/turnover operations playbook
- Scale out the supply acquisition/operations team
- Listen to & guide our hotel partners as we deliver 7-figure revenue forecasts


- Worked in the hospitality industry (brand, ownership group, management company, OTA, revenue tools, etc)
- Bachelor’s degree
- Respectful with solid reputation in the industry
- Gets things done


- 6-figure salary
- Medical/dental/vision insurance
- Company lunches
- Flexible work from home policy
- Wellness program

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What We're Building

Recharge is a mobile application, available for iPhone and Android, that enables people to book flexible-length stays at 4 and 5-Star luxury hotels while only paying for the time they need.

Recharge is currently available in San Francisco and New York.

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