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Job Description

The General Manager role at Recharge is no joke. It requires an abnormal level of leadership, analytical thinking, hustle and charm. This role requires a person who delivers results others find impossible all the time. The job demands a high degree of talent, grit & intellectual curiosity.

As the leader of New York, you will be responsible for hotel and guest excellence building a marketplace where customers stay in luxury hotels for as long or as short as they want. You will end the old-fashioned structure of set check-in and check out in New York City. The GM establishes the foundation for the city team that makes Recharge run and ultimately changes the way cities operate.

As GM, you are the CEO of your market. The buck stops with you. What that means at Recharge is you will be the most humble person on the city team orchestrating scary boastful results. You will be in charge of supply acquisition/experience, guest acquisition/experience, and introducing Recharge to the public while shattering the old way of using real estate.

Why can’t New Yorkers Recharge instead of sitting in a loud Starbucks? How come folks commuting into Manhattan have to pay for 24 hours of living space (Airbnb/Expedia) in order to prepare for an evening event? Why do new mothers have to pump in their work bathroom? Why do travelers often curse for 9 hours when they land at JFK on a redeye and can’t check in until 3pm? We control how cars reach us, why can’t we control how we pay for real-estate? These questions will become irrelevant in New York because of the sheer excellence the NYC GM delivers.

A successful General Manager will:

- Inspire excellence 365.
- Manage launch, deployment and quality control of supply chain (hotels)
- Grow supply and guest membership
- Initiate ingenious marketing campaigns that match Spectacles launch
- Own P & L
- Manage local press
- Replicate city operations in US metro markets and abroad
- Scale out the supply acquisition/operations team
- Introduce NYC and the greater public to Recharge


- Booked a Recharge
- Demonstrated track record of leadership, project execution, and business development
- Clear analytical skills and data-driven decision record
- Hustle shown through ability to execute, lead, while simultaneously managing all details
- Experience building / managing a marketplace (ideal)
- Worked in the hospitality industry OR can get up to speed within days
- Bachelor’s degree


- Executive experience of launching a category leader
- Medical/dental/vision insurance
- Delicious food
- Flexible work from home policy
- Wellness program

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What We're Building

Recharge is a mobile application, available for iPhone and Android, that enables people to book flexible-length stays at 4 and 5-Star luxury hotels while only playing for the time they need.

Recharge is currently available in San Francisco and New York.

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