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At Receptiviti, our goal is to improve the wellbeing of people in the workplace by enabling organizations to make smarter and better-informed people-related decisions using bias-free, real-time, psychology-based data.

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Job Description

We're looking for a Data Analyst who’s excited about working with text data for social science research and eager to help us expand and strengthen the core of our science.

Who We Are:

At Receptiviti, we solve big problems using Language Psychology, which allows us to understand people’s psychological and cognitive states based on the way they use language. You can learn more about Language Psychology here:

By combining this with other NLP and ML methods, we build applications that discover and predict psychological states to solve a range of major organizational challenges. We help companies to build and nurture healthy employee cultures, improve team dynamics, identify human capital risks, and much more.

What You’ll Be Doing:

Our science team tackles large and varied datasets to uncover and validate novel insights through rigorous data-driven research. Our data projects range from finding statistically significant grammatical patterns in online forums to exploring years’ worth of communication from hundreds of thousands of people to discover the complex longitudinal and interactional patterns within them.

We are passionate about Linguistics and Psychology and will be digging into the intersection between these two fields in all of our data analysis.

Who You Are:

The ideal candidate excels in a vibrant environment that demands a flexible and fast-paced approach. You should be eager to learn new technical techniques as well as new scientific concepts as needed. You should be passionate about the regular practice of cleaning, manipulating, and processing raw text data in the pursuit of insights that are simultaneously revolutionary and reliable.


- A strong understanding of statistics and data science
- Experience applying statistical analysis and modelling in social science contexts
- Experience working with data structures and data engineering
- Strong technical and programming skills
- Experience applying programming skills to data analysis
- Familiarity with psychology, ideally personality or language psychology, or similar field

Ideally, You Will Have:

- An innovative and flexible approach to data science
- The ability to be a self-starter, productive from the first day
- Interest or experience in natural language processing and computational linguistics

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What We're Building

At Receptiviti, our goal is to improve the wellbeing of people in the workplace by enabling organizations to make smarter and better-informed people-related decisions using bias-free, real-time data.

Receptiviti applies AI and natural language processing to companies’ internal communication systems, providing real-time insights into the psychologies, communication patterns, and emotional signals that impact the people critical to business success.

Co-founded by language psychology pioneer Prof. James W. Pennebaker, Receptiviti is built upon decades of academic research, along with the latest advancements in machine learning.

Our team is comprised of some of Toronto’s top software engineers, data scientists, psychologists, and computational linguists -- and we’re growing fast. Over the past year, our team has tripled in size, and our customers include some of North America's top financial institutions, entertainment companies, and professional sports organizations.

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