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Discover and organize local pickup games.

We're on a mission to change the way people organize and connect through sports. We are the future of pickup games and we believe that we can be the leaders in a fitness revolution one fitness game at a time. If you are passionate about sports and technology then you are the perfect person to join our team. We believe that jocks can be nerds and nerds can be jocks. Working at RecCheck gives you a chance to play pickup games and call it work. We also love to talk and watch all sorts of sports!

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What We're Building

RecCheck is a mobile application for organizing and discovering local pickup games. We give players the power of having pickup games at their fingertips and RecCheck makes it easy to organize games and invite friends to games. We're aiming to connect people through the power of pickup games and help the casual athlete maintain an active life. In addition to the creating games, we want players to also have the ability to rate others based on their abilities so they can see how they stack up against the local competition.

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Open Positions


Kyle Parent
CTO and co-founder at Rec Check. Thorough programming background. Studied Computer Science at @University of California, Santa Cruz.
Morgan Sharif
Full-Stack Marketer
Rechelle Hernandez
Recent UC Santa Cruz graduate, extensive experience analyzing and applying business strategies, experience driving product development in a startup environment.
William Willey
Actualize Boot Camp, Full-Stack Developer; working on personal culinary web app using a variety of technology and working for The Difference Engine.
Andrew Friedman
CCSU Student, CS Major, iOS Developer, UI/UX student

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