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Virtual Worlds to safely train and develop intelligent agents as a service.

RealSynth uses video gaming technology to create a virtual gym for AI. We build fully tagged, realistic virtual environments to test and train AI faster, cheaper, and safer than the current manual process. Our proprietary software solution reinvents the AI training and machine learning process. We generate photorealistic image data in real time. Our data comes pre-tagged with pixel-level accuracy and can be used directly with any machine learning platform. This allows our customers to capitalize on endless volumes of training data while also controlling and repeating test cases fully and automatically. Be a part of RealSynth and help to accelerate the evolution to an autonomous future!

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What We're Building

To facilitate vision-based AI development, we provide fully custom synthetic annotated image data using the latest rendering technologies. Taking this as a first step, our ultimate goal is to minimize the need of field tests as much as possible. We envision a fully simulated and controlled environment where developers can both train and test-bench AI-based systems.

Jobs at RealSynth

RealSynth Team

Richard Schubert
Founded RealSynth, former R&D software engineer at Siemens. Specialized in real-time Computer Graphics and Game Development.
Robert Walter
Founded RealSynth, former R&D engineer at Siemens and researcher at Telekom Innovation Laboratories, PhD Human-Computer Interaction TU Berlin, computer engineer
Prantl Bernhard
Founding Partner, Best Academic Profile, +5 Years Experience

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