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Transforming the way brokers and tenants search for office space

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What We're Building

Realstax transforms the way brokers and tenants find office space with amazing software. We use software to turn tedious paper binded property pitchbooks into a digital, interactive and measurable experience.

Our technology helps brokers save valuable time while servicing their clients with a more intelligent and personalized office search. Global brokerage powerhouses such as CBRE, JLL, Colliers, Cushman Wakefield and NGKF use Realstax to organize and power their clients office space search.

Investors include leading real estate brokers and developers in Silicon Valley; along with Stanford University and technology venture funds that have invested in Palantir, Addepar & RelateIQ.

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Realstax Team

Jikyu Choi
Director of Engineering @Keelo • Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer @Realstax • Founding Engineer at @Bitcasa • Studied at @Stanford University
David Beckley
Software Engineer interested in many areas, from creating web apps with JavaScript or Python to writing raytracers in C++ or a JavaScript interpreter in Rust.
Evan Pun
Product Designer at Realstax. Formerly Whitespace and First Derm.

Realstax Investors

Eric Chen
Founder at @OVO Fund (Seed Fund) Partner @Equilibrium Investments (Real Estate Fund) Venture Partner at @WI Harper Group (US-China VC) Co-founder @Tiny Prints Early employee @E2open

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