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Mobile messaging platform that connects travel specialists with travelers

Agent Avery is a mobile messaging platform that makes planning customized trips hassle-free by connecting travel specialists with travelers looking for unique, customized travel experiences. Read More

What We're Building

We are in the business of helping hotels delight their guests.

We help independent hotels, a $46 billion dollar industry in the U.S., to receive more positive reviews and generate higher ADR through customized offers.

We do this by enabling hoteliers to quickly attend to their guests' requests and recommend relevant products & services at the right moment using SMS and other popular chat apps.

With our conversational dashboard, hoteliers can use smart data to effectively engage with guests before, during, and even after their stay to deliver a top-notch guest experience that drives loyalty and repeat, direct bookings.

Open Positions


Jonathan Lee
Founder @Reality Labs | Led New BizDev at | @Freestyle Capital | @Duke University MBA | @Babson College grad
Ivan Babushkin
Looking for co-founders. Software Engineer at @Thumbtack. Founded @LeadMaxer . Worked at @Intel, @Oracle, @HP

Our Investors

Ron Levin, McKinsey & Co., US Airways, Lycos Harvard MBA, Babson College

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