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Growth Hacker at RealDAX

Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Remote · Full Time

RealDAX is a platform for professionals to find undervalued properties in seconds using investment analytics. There’s no better way to discover real estate deals online than with our platform. We are building an open and transparent real estate system for the world and bringing clarity to life’s largest investment: the purchase of a home.
Our platform was designed with the Real Estate Professional in mind to cut the time it takes to find good deals in half. The unique benefits and features that make our solution so powerful are the live property pro-formas we run, 7+ layers of data (incl. MLS), parcel-level Life Quality Index integration, and financial filtering. We are the only Real Estate Market Intelligence solution that sheds light into where the deals are across every single parcelled property, whether listed or off-market, allowing people have access to actionable market analytics to drive tactical decision making, so transactions can take seconds instead of months.

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Job Description

Intelerit’s Growth Hacker position is crucial role that requires a high-energy individual to pioneer and implement our path to the next 10,000 customers and beyond. This candidate is a data driven marketer with a highly creative, nearly criminal mind who will stop at nothing until we achieve exponential growth. In this cross-functional role, you’ll be able to learn a lot and have exposure to all levels of the organization. Our Growth Hacker will be at the intersection of our marketing and sales efforts, and will collaborate with both on a daily / weekly basis. The primary responsibility here will be to advance our real estate sourcing and analytics solution in the marketplace to facilitate inbound marketing and sales. We are seeking an entrepreneurial person with a passion for technology and community engagement. If you’re the type that loves to uncover insights through relentless testing to hit high growth goals, then this is for you.

What We’ll Be Expecting

●Collaborate with internal team to identify key areas for growth
●Propose creative new approaches to capturing existing demand and accelerating customer acquisition and conversion
●Define and relentlessly test these initiatives within the product and across multiple channels from social to SEO to paid media
●A/B test the shit out of everything. You really need to love working with data
●Be data-driven and make decisions based on analytics
●Measure and optimize as the subject matter expert to senior leadership on issues relating to growth and digital marketing to report growth efforts, successes, and failures to the team
●Be conscious of key metrics around the business including user acquisition, conversion rates, engagement rates, LTV, TCV, CAC, MoM, MRR, satisfaction and renewal rates
●Have a passion to move rapidly with an obsession on finding the best results; know that you’ll more likely discover the best tactic on the 100th test rather than on the 5th
●Not easily discouraged, and know that one failed experiment just means we need to try more things
●Stay up-to-date with the latest changes and trends in digital marketing and UI/UX
●You're self-motivated and self-sufficient, and will be able to execute on strategies without being told what to do and without relying (too much) on other departments
●You’re able to write well enough that you feel comfortable creating your own copy for landing pages and emails

A couple of BIG extra points if you:

●Have worked in a high-growth /high-risk / high-reward environment, and LOVED it
●BS in computer science or equivalent technical degree OR At least 2 years’ experience in a growth role, either in marketing, product, or as a Growth Hacker
●You are very technically adept and comfortable hacking around and using “out-of-the-box” techniques with a track record of driving massive growth at another SaaS startup including product launch, growth strategy and execution experience
●Analytical understand of SEO / SEM, Optimizing Web Traffic, Email Marketing, Social Media, and viral mechanics with a knowledge of the tooling used for best results
●Working and configuring WordPress with proper inbound marketing campaign strategies
●Familiarity with front end development for marketing (HTML, CSS, JS)
●Are / have been a licensed Realtor or Broker, and maintain active engagement in the real estate industry would be a huge plus
●Team-focused and highly collaborative, but comfortable driving direction on your own and with little direction
●Have an entrepreneurial spirit with a hustle that never dies and a “do whatever it takes” attitude

Our culture dictates our future, and our core principles are table stakes for everyone. You should feel comfortable with them and read them here:

COMPENSATION (up for discussion)

Expecting position to yield 100k+ total plus equity


We are a technology startup, but more than that, we are a family. We are entrepreneurs and engineers by trade, and for years we have been delivering critical software products and applied research in big data for Fortune 500 companies and VC-backed startups. Our team is living on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Systems and Computer-Human Interaction.

You'll be working alongside brilliant technologists from around the world coming from Toyota, J.P. Morgan, Ebay, CGI Group, HBO, JM Family Enterprises, BBVA and Microsoft.

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What We're Building

Discover the best real estate deals, one click away. We empower people with artificial intelligence that brings clarity to life’s largest investment: The purchase of a home.

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RealDAX Team

Michel Triana
CEO of @RealDAX. CS and serial entrepreneur. 2x winner, Nx learner.
Spencer Lyon
Worked at @RealDAX

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Michel Triana
CEO of @RealDAX. CS and serial entrepreneur. 2x winner, Nx learner.