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Get mentored to work remotely

We're now launching our first MVP and looking to expand our passionate, hard-working and distributed team who are presently building Re.Now. Read More
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What We're Building

We believe that time and geography should not draw boundaries around your life. Location independent work is the future, and the future is already here.

Re.Now connects you to people who have tried, tested and triumphed the remote working lifestyle. Learn the tips and tricks from experienced remote workers so that you too can start your location independent life.

Join the remote revolution!

About the team:
We are a bunch of remote work enthusiasts working on this as a side project.

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Re.Now Team

Sandhya Ramachandran
Multimedia Storyteller seeking interesting opportunities | Former Buffer Community Host | Side Project: Re.Now
Ting-Hsien Wang
Founder of @Re.Now and other 2 startups, 1 non-profit org at college. Strong online community management experience and product launching skills. NTU M.S. 2015.
Andrea Soverini
UX and Product Designer.
Paulius Jonusas
Went to University of Glasgow

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