Jobs at Ravelin

Preventing fraud and protecting margins for online businesses.

Ravelin provides real-time fraud detection for online businesses. We analyse customer behaviour and transactions using powerful proprietary data science and machine learning technologies, and work with merchants to provide extremely accurate fraud detection. Read More

What We're Building

Ravelin prevents fraud and protects margins for online businesses around the globe.

We look at our clients' data more thoroughly than anyone else to provide more accurate fraud scores. Our system streamlines fraud detection by providing a control console that automates fraud prevention while alerting users to what's coming next. All of our fraud decisions are explained, which means users not only stop fraud but receive insights regarding the fraud that is targeting their business.

We analyse customer behaviour and transactions using our powerful data science and machine learning technologies, along with link analysis and business rules to provide extremely accurate fraud detection scores.

Jobs at Ravelin

Ravelin Team

Martin Sweeney
Founder Ravelin • Founding Engineer at Hailo • Physicist
Leonard Austin
Founder/CTO at Ravelin. Previously Technical Lead at Hailo. Founder/CEO Welford Media. Recovering Physicist
Nick Lally
Founder @Ravelin
Mairtin O'Riada
10 years in international criminal intelligence, now Founder and CIO at Ravelin.
Stephen Whitworth
Scrappy and business focused data scientist. 2 years data science and engineering at Hailo. Enjoying hacking around with Go and machine learning.
Natalie Sandman
@Ravelin, ex-@zenefits , Applied math @Harvard
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Ravelin Investors

Joe Charlesworth
Founder & CEO at Autonomyx, Venture Partner @Playfair Capital. ACA at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Strong background in business building, venture and AI.
Paul Forster
Tech investor - early stage.
Nathan Benaich
Investor + technologist. All things #AI + emerging tech. Former scientist, photographer, perpetual foodie. AI Newsletter nathan.ai + london.ai

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