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Law is America's OS. We're giving it a major upgrade.

We believe diverse interests foster good ideas, and that when smart people solve problems together they can be greater than the sum of their parts. We're tackling complex challenges at the intersection of law and technology, building advanced research and analytical systems through our expertise in search, machine learning, natural language processing, data visualization and information design, and law.

What We're Building

At Ravel, we develop the legal profession’s most innovative products for data analysis, visualization, and research - uncovering insights about judges’ rulings, revealing critical cases, enabling lawyers to make data-driven decisions, and more. Lawyers, students, and citizens love using Ravel because we provide them with unique insights and guidance, helping them research quickly and confidently. We're working with great technology, like d3.js, ember.js, Spark, and Scala, and the challenges that get us fired up involve text and data mining, beautiful UI, machine learning, and information retrieval.

Open Positions


Nicholas Reed
Founder Ravel Law • Studied law at @Stanford University and business at HEC Paris. Background in strategy, finance, and management.
Nicholas A. Kramer
California Bar; Pepperdine University School of Law 2014 Graduate; Juris Doctor
Jeremy Corbett
GT Math, full stack developer with a passion for the web, math and machine learning
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Our Investors

Miriam Rivera
Co-Founder, @Ulu Ventures & @Stanford University Angels & Entrepreneurs
Clint Korver
Co-Founder and partner @Ulu Ventures, taught entrepreneurship at Stanford, founded 4 companies, Studied at @Stanford University, @Grinnell
Jonathan Heiliger
Enduring companies require entrepreneurs, investors, rebels and inspiration. Investor, previously led infrastructure @Facebook
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