Raul Mihali

technologist, multidisciplinary achiever. 40+ quoted journal papers. Played with robots and toys a lot.

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What I Do

Technical mind, math and programming background.
Proven passions, from robotic design to building stone walls.


-Taken threejars.com from an idea on paper to an established brand.

-Published 40+ refereed journal papers and book chapters

-Coded top WF engine. Transformed a chess algorithm into workflows between CPUs, 10,000 simultaneous games, negligible server stress

-patented multi dimensional cyclic e-bartering algorithm. key for e-commerce, currency trading, organ donors

-Autonomous robotic toy cars. steady path, high speed, IR triangulation for vision. 2 cars could pass each other. Production cost <$11.00

-Electronic toy reading from whiteboard, owner-tracking robo-dog, 3d scanner

-Coded x86 polymorphic viruses, self improving code (monitored intranet).

-Coded compilers, OpenGL robotic controllers, morphing software

-taught myself to play/compose classical piano http://goo.gl/6gTCo

-riding fastest motorcycle in the world (learnt solo, google search)

What I'm Looking For

Have many projects in queue, looking for any help I can get. Developer hands, social marketers, investors.