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RatherBe helps you experience the things you're passionate about. We're a new kind of digital media company - focused on bringing you high-quality, personalized content about the things you care about, surrounded by like-minded enthusiasts.

Share your passions with the world - our powerful upload tools let you upload your own photos and videos, or you can embed content from around the web. Your story, told to people who care.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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Chris Koehler
Skilled CTO/architect/engineer with hands-on experience in engineering leadership, system architecture, software engineering and entrepreneurship.
Stephen Hansen
Founder ratherbe • President at @TrueCar, CEO SpinMedia; CEO Avamar Technologies COO @GeoCities • SVP Universal Studios; KPMG Partner
Katie McCann
VP of Product & Engineering @Prism Skylabs . 15+ years of experience building elegant web and mobile products. Worked at @Byliner, @TrueCar

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