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Backend Engineer at Range Labs

San Francisco, Remote · Full Time
At Range, we’re building software to improve the way teams work together. We believe not only that healthier teams are better places to work, but also that healthier teams do better work. Read More
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Job Description

Who we are:
We're an early stage startup building software to help teams operate more effectively. You can find more about us at www.range.co and medium.com/range

Who you are:
— You have several years of experience building software systems
— You have experience driving technical designs for new product features and backend systems
— You adapt quickly and can problem solve through uncertainty
— You are comfortable making decisions to unblock yourself and others
— You approach problems with curiosity and are eager to learn and teach
— You are located in the SF Bay area or have a track record of successfully working remotely

What you'll do:
— You will be working on a service oriented architecture using gRPC
— Go will be your primary backend language with some Python for NLP/ML; prior experience is welcomed but not required
— Your changes will be deployed on AWS automatically after every check-in
— You will build out and scale our data storage and processing systems
— You will help support our high-availability production services
— You will help protect the confidentiality and security of customer data, through the development of secure applications and tools that adhere to the OWASP Top 10
— You will work on backend systems to support new product development; including (but not limited to) integrating with other services, writing chatbots, building relevance and summarization systems, and deploying new infrastructure as needs evolve

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What We're Building

Software can have a huge effect on the way we work. Good tools help us get where we want to go, but great tools let us enjoy the journey. At Range, we build software for how you want to work.

Range family boat trip.
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