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Clean energy technology is now disruptive to existing energy markets. The price of cleantech is plunging, and will continue to plunge, following a pattern familiar to those working with digital tech. The more scale they achieve, the cheaper they'll become, as the industry plows funds back into explicit R&D and learns lessons through execution. These disruptive technologies are now almost certain to power a multi-trillion dollar transition of the energy system away from fossil fuels. Yet investing in them is tricky. How do you invest in startups in an area where prices keep plunging? I look for investments that have one or more of the following: 1. Network effects or business model innovations that generate high value. 2. The application of software, IoT, and other digital tech to clean energy. 3. Unique, game-changing IP that's hard to compete with. 4. Extremely scalable, capital-efficient business models. In my role as co-chair of the Energy & Environment program at Singularity University, and through my five books and widely read blog posts on energy technology, I see a great many startups doing innovative things in the cleantech space. It's from that pool that I select potential investments.
I'll syndicate all deals in which I'm able to obtain a significant allocation for my syndicate.
Ramez Naam
Co-Chair Energy & Environment at @SingularityU. Cleantech Investor. Energy & Innovation Wonk. Science-fiction author (Nexus series). Ex-Microsoft.
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Jesse Robbins
Founder @Orion , @Chef , VelocityConf. Board @Heavybit. Early investor @Fastly @PagerDuty @Instacart & more. ex @Amazon
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Founder/CEO @DRAFT. Investor in 40+ startups.
Vasu Kulkarni
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“I founded one of the top companies in the AI space and was exceptionally early (founding employee) at two successful startups — where I ran marketing,...more
Armando Biondi
Cofounder @AdEspresso, acquired by @Hootsuite in Feb 2017. Investor in 60 startups + @AngelList Lead. Guest Contributor, former Radio Speaker, proud #500strong
Ramez is more than an investor. He's a visionary. Hands-off when appropriate, but an excellent resource for mapping how an idea might re-form the shape of the world around itself.
Ian Baker
For Ramez Naam's investment at Threadable
A master class intellectual with deep knowledge sets across technology, science, environment, energy, AI, and policy. Also, his books are rad!
Chris McCoy
For Ramez Naam's work with
Ramez has built up worldwide acclaim for amazing books, such as the Nexus Series. He is a brilliant thinker, with an affinity for the future. His expertise in enterprise software, and experience developing systems with Microsoft made him a perfect fit for Imporium.
Joseph Douglas
For Ramez Naam's work with Imporium
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