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Ramen Ventures is an angel fund based in Toronto, Canada. Our investment thesis is just four questions, borrowed (with thanks) from Y Combinator's Sam Altman:
  1. Will these founders develop into “forces of nature”?
  2. Will this company build something lots of people really love?
  3. Will this company be easy to copy?
  4. Does this company have a clear and important mission?

We invest in Canadian tech startups as a way of paying our good fortune back into the ecosystem. Here are a few things you should know about backing us:

  • We invest very early stage - backing exceptional founders working on big problems, but who are often pre-product/market fit.
  • We try to get information and pro-rata rights, but we can't guarantee them.
  • You should be comfortable with risk and prepared to lose your entire investment without complaint.

We will try to share (best effort) every new seed tech deal where we have at least a $100K CAD allocation, and the founder / entrepreneur allows it.

Joshua Tessier
Angel Investor
Founding Partner at Ramen Ventures - Comp Sci Co-founded @Select Start Studios (acquired by @Shopify), then was Head of Core Product Engineering @Shopify .
Adam McNamara
Angel Investor @Ramen Ventures. First VP Product @Shopify. Co-founded @Select Start Studios (acquired by @Shopify)
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Jeremy Levine
Founder/CEO @DRAFT. Investor in 40+ startups.
Armando Biondi
Cofounder @AdEspresso, acquired by @Hootsuite in Feb 2017. Investor in 60 startups + @AngelList Lead. Guest Contributor, former Radio Speaker, proud #500strong
Rob Ness
Angel Investor
Obsessively hunts the world's fastest-growth startups. Moonlights as strategist @Capgemini. Served time @Harvard, @Berkeley.
Can help with
“I'm very plugged into the rapidly growing tech scene here in Washington DC, and am proactive about promoting the products of my portfolio companies...more
Dominic Bortolussi
Founder @TWG, @PostageApp • Investor @ShopLocket, @Nudge Rewards Active Angel
Yannick Roux
VC from Europe, co-founder of Token Economy. Previously: @EC1 Capital, @Momondo Group & @Forward Internet Group. Occasional angel investor.
Can help with
“Foot into Uk & Europe”
Doug Scott
Over 180 backers. Click to see why:) UK - GLOBAL - Go on click:):)
Morgan Schwanke
Founder/Partner @Mana Ventures • Product @Unity Technologies • Founder @OnMyBlock • Investor @Sourcify @Vivid Vision @Visby
j imola
Jack Of All Trades
Can help with
“can help with cannabis related investments”
Adam’s intuition and ability to identify strategic opportunities is incredible. He takes time to look critically at the problems we face and provides incites that are truly valuable. Adam travels the world, but whether he is in Japan, SF or Ottawa, he always makes himself available when we need...more
Kyle Braatz
Founder of a company Adam McNamara invested in
I was introduced to Adam for guidance on building and scaling a product team and found him to be a hugely valuable resource. He is the best kind of advisor — an excellent listener, generous with his time, and most importantly able to distill his experience and expertise into specific, concrete...more
Josh has both experience as an entrepreneur having co-founded and exited a startup, and also experience as Head of Engineering at Shopify where he successfully scaled the commerce platform to what is today. He brings his valuable experience to Qurate as we're entering our growth stage.
Tom Brooke
For Joshua Tessier's work with Qurate
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