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Unified analytics platform that is fully customisable to all your data analysis needs.

Let’s create company-wide analytics platform together.

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What We're Building

Rakam is a custom analytics platform. It collects data from various platforms (web, mobile, IoT, offline etc.) and lets you to analyze data via a web interface and run complex analytics queries on your event data-set.

Rakam can be installed on your cloud provider or on-premise servers. You manage your data and create insights from it using Rakam. You can run analytical queries for your custom metrics, behavioral analytical queries such as funnels, retention, and cohort similar to other analytics services.

You can also create custom reports with SQL, build custom dashboards and create your own analytics service depending on your needs. It's full-stack, no need to use any other data-warehouse or BI product.

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rakam Team

Burak Emre Kabakcı
Founder @rakam • Worked at @Hazelcast

rakam Investors

Rina Onur
GP @500+ Istanbul, a $15M VC focused on early stage tech companies. Co-founder @Peak® Games & Hemenkiralik ($50M funding in total).
Enis Hulli
500 Istanbul is an early-stage VC fund within the 500 Startups network, a leading global seed fund and accelerator with 1,500+ investments in 50+ countries.

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