Rajeev Viswanathan

Founder and CEO at Get@. Founding CEO @Instore. Head of Enterprise Business Development @Siber Systems.

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What I Do

Social, Mobile, Commerce, Search, AdTech. Always learning!

Currently building a product to help take the world forward, a product that will help realize a vision for tomorrow and beyond.... You can only reach the bigger vision if you build useful products for today!


Took a good idea and made it into a game changing idea by innovating at the point of sale, helped build an all star team that made the idea a reality and continued to innovate, crafted the strategic vision for the product, relocated an entire team from Michigan to San Francisco, and raised over $1M. We were involved in the discussion on and helped pave the way for the future of local and mobile commerce.

Robert Stefanski
@tibco-software founding management team, former EVP Corp Dev, GC; @zi-corp board: @eself board; Silicon Valley start-up investor, board member, advisor.
Deepika Misra
Lead developer at Own Point of Sale Corporation and Final year student at University of Michigan
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