Ragnar Sass

Entrepreneur #estonianmafia. Co-founder & President @Pipedrive Co-founder & #hackathons @Garage48. Big doglover.

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What I Do

My strongest skill is to find the best people and keep them rocking in speed of 200 km/h. I have organized 20+ Hack-a-thons Garage48 in Eastern Europe + West & East-Africa. I advise others founders and share experience where it could help.


✔ My second startup, Pipedrive made into breakeven (with 8 ppl team) before 2nd birthday. Has today 4000+ paying companies.
✔ Organized 20 startup Hack-a-thons in 11 countries with 3 years. 1300+ participants and 243 prototype. Was invited to Stanford to speak about Garage48 lessons.
✔ Finished Santiago Marathon in 2012. I had trained only 7 weeks before marathon.

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