Rafael Amorim

NERD, coffe lover and a great guy :P
Programming since 2006, did lots of cool stuff since then. Let's chat, i can tell you more about those things.

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What I Do

Young Coder, with lots of experience.
Had been in front of great e-commerce/payment gateways in Brazil.
Willing to discover new things, new tecnologies, new places.
Last accomplishments in Paymentez:
- Developing the most awesome and most used virtual goods payment platform in Brazil. We have more than 4 million users in different social networks as Orkut and Facebook.
- Designing scalable architecture for thousands requests per second.
- Designing database models for relational and non-relational databases.
- Programming backend application.
- Frontend programming.

What I'm Looking For

To work in another country, be part of exciting projects, be part of something inovative and cool.