Jobs at Qventus

Optimizing hospital operations

We are a small team that is already making a huge impact in the lives of patients, nurses and doctors we work with. We are passionate about using technology to solve BIG problems, and and healthcare is the one of the biggest problems in America today. We are proud be bringing practical AI to an industry that needs it most: our hospitals. Read More

What We're Building

Qventus uses a hospital’s data along with proprietary external data signals to help managers proactively manage day-to-day operations. Qventus' algorithms analyze hospital data along important operational and clinical metrics, allowing hospital staff to both monitor operational performance and automatically diagnose operational issues in real time. In addition, Qventus’ machine-learning based forecasting techniques enable hospitals to predict patient volumes and optimally allocate resources – such as staff, beds, and rooms – to meet this demand. These insights are delivered to staff in the workflows with which they are already accustomed.

Jobs at Qventus

Qventus Team

Brent Newhouse
Founder analyticsMD • Worked at @Google, @McKinsey & Company • Studied at @Stanford University, @Stanford University Graduate School of Business
Mudit Garg
CEO @Qventus. Healthcare / Business @McKinsey & Company. Founded multiple startups. Engg. / MBA @Stanford University, @Indian Institute of Technology - Madras
Ian Christopher
Founder analyticsMD • Studied at @Stanford, @University of Rochester
Andrew Rider
I am a "full stack" machine learning engineer: I am capable of executing the entire software development cycle from concept to deployment.
Tim Jones
Product Specialist at Qventus
Eric Ho
Wide industry exposures. Created cloud backends from scratch (in team of 3). Managed hosting platform with annual rev of $60M+ (We're hiring)
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Qventus Investors

Steve O'Hara
General Partner at The Valley Fund.
Ran Makavy
VP of Growth at @Lyft Director of Products at @Facebook Founder at @Snaptu Director of Products at @Followap
Ashmeet Sidana
Entrepreneur/Investor • Former General Partner at @Foundation Capital • Helped create ESX Server @VMware • Investing in Engineers solving problems that will create/disrupt markets in Cloud, Mobile, Security and Storage
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