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Instantly turn messy spreadsheets into compelling visual stories.

We're trying to make your ugly spreadsheet sexy, isn't it a challenge ? Join the team in Paris and you'll be located in LeChaudron, a coworking space of our own, primarily dedicated to ~14 LeCamping alumnis (Paris first accelerator). We're Techstars alummni, and won a couple of prizes (LeWeb'12, Best French Startup,...) Read More
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What We're Building

qunb helps non-analytical people to turn their own data into compelling visual stories and drive changes in their business. Our unique tech transforms any data set into actionable decks based on commented data visualizations.

Today, qunb helps web marketers turn web analytics data into laser-cut stories that keep their clients happy. Soon, we'll do the same for CRM and corporate finance. And later this year, qunb will be able to process any spreadsheet data.

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Cyrille Vincey
Former consultant @Pwc @BearingPoint, data storyteller turning my knowledge into a product, BizGuy @qunb, sold my previous firm @CreativeValue in France in 2009
Jean-Baptiste Theard
CPO at Ve Interactive data geek, viz expert former strategy consultant Master of Sc. Engineering from Ecole Centrale
Fabien Ungerer
Worked at @qunb
Maël Thomas
Mines Nancy
Carlo Abi Chahine
Information Technology and Mathematics Engineer/Researcher - Information Retrieval Expert