Quintin Adamis

iSolveProblems, iBuildStuff and every night when you're all sleeping, i'm up trying to take over the World (with Pinky)

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What I Do

I'm an entrepreneur & a mentor. I can't stop building things and can't stop helping others start from scratch.

In general, my interests concern the larger picture of life. I am a true philosopher and can relate connections between all things.

"Specialization is for insects"
-Kris Nair


1) I designed the Power Canon on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when I was around 10, quietly compensated with a lifetime subscription to the fan zine :/
2)Hacking Hotmail when i was 14 (1998) for "educational purposes"
3) As a kid I had a toy ferrari and hovercraft, as an adult I helped build real ones ;)
4)Working undercover toward establishing my own fund

What I'm Looking For

Change... meaning, things that FSU (fuck shit up) aka disrupt the status quo. I like people who think differently and honestly project the person they are 24/7. Not the ones cautious of what they say on social media. The ones who could care less if they are liked or not.

Markus Lampinen
Markus Lampinen
Founder Crowd Valley, co-founder & COO Grow VC, international serial entrepreneur,
Valto Loikkanen
Valto Loikkanen
naturally born entrepreneur, always building something from nothing - now growvc.com & startupcommons.org
Jouko Ahvenainen
I have been founder or investor in 15 companies around the world, I have worked in Europe, Asia and the US mainly with finance, mobile and internet services.
Alessandro Ravanetti
Alessandro Ravanetti
Co-founder of @crowd-valley and Associate Grow VC Group. Worked at @bloomberg, BT and @wavemetrix. MSc in Finance.
Paul Higgins
Co-founder and COO of Crowd Valley
Rensyn Hooi
Jussi Holm