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Healthcare's #1 automation software.

Every day, the top healthcare groups across the country use QueueDr's automated system to fill their cancelled appointments to keep their schedules full and patients happy. QueueDr helps thousands of patients get the care they need, earlier, with just a text message. Read More
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Cancellations, bumps and no-shows can wreak havoc on a medical organization’s bottom line, QueueDr fixes that. QueueDr is a web-based platform that automatically fills cancellations, reschedules no-shows and rebooks bumped appointments via text -- no apps to download. The QueueDr solution uses AI to match patients with available appointments, filling gaps in the schedule in 3.4 minutes on average.

QueueDr has partnered with six of the nation’s leading EMR and PM systems to provide a fully automated solution to their clients -- staff will never lift a finger with QueueDr. As the industry’s first truly automated solution, QueueDr is reducing administrative costs in healthcare and helping patients get the care they need, faster.

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Jobs at QueueDr

QueueDr Team

Patrick Randolph
CEO and Founder of QueueDr (500 Startups Batch 15); Former IBMer; junior co-founder of a successfully exited startup.
John Nadeau
CTO and cofounder of QueueDr
Adam Teitelman
Healthcare Sales leader @QueueDr, Managing Partner @Optimize Bay Media Group Board Member @Bridge To Health Medical and Dental
Adam Teitelman
Enterprise Sales Executive with extensive experience growing SaaS startups, enterprise sales, co founding companies, and consulting for CEOs of SaaS companies.
Colin Williams
Software developer interested in complex problems.
Brock Harris
Hard-working entrepreneur, engineer, and designer. Highly experienced in all aspects of front-end development, Ruby on Rails, and interface design.
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QueueDr Investors

Christine Tsai
CEO and Founding Partner @500 Startups . Previously @Google & @YouTube . Left-handed. Ballet dancer of > 25 yrs. Go Bears.
Fred Toney
Health Tech Investor, Founder @Launchpad Digital Health , Founder @RXlist (acq'd by WebMD), IPO'd as CEO/CFO @Healthcentral

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