Jobs at Quartet

Behavioral Health Technology

Quartet is a mission-driven technology company transforming the way mental healthcare is delivered. We partner with insurers and physicians to make mental healthcare more accessible and integrated into primary care. Our platform relies on advanced analytics, proven treatment programs, and easy to use technology to improve outcomes and total cost of care. We are a team of engineers, data scientists, and clinicians, finding solutions for a broken healthcare system. Venture-backed by the very best healthcare and technology investors, including GV (formerly Google Ventures), Quartet is using this investment to further build its team and expand into 5+ new markets in 2017.

What We're Building

Quartet Health is a GV (Google Venture) backed startup committed to enabling every person in our society to thrive by building a collaborative mental and physical health ecosystem. Our technology platform allows seamless communication and collaboration between medical and behavioral health providers, leading to targeted, timely and higher quality patient care. Powered by our advanced data engine, Quartet works with health plans and health systems to provide actionable population insights that improve patient outcomes and reduce overall costs.

Jobs at Quartet

Quartet Team

Beau Haugh
Director of Engineering, @Quartet. Co-Founder/CTO @Localmind, acq. by @Airbnb. Startup consultant, product design, web/mobile hacking in the trenches.
sean salmon
internet aficionado, user experience designer at foursquare, trail runner, coffee drinker
Kurt Polley
Dual Degree MS in Biomedical Sciences and MBA in Healthcare Management. Worked in provider engagement and market operations at Quartet.
Elspie Hellermann
Worked at Brit + Co, Triggit and McKesson. Experience with Communications, Recruiting and HR.
Cordelia Sendax
Product Marketer. Currently @Quartet, Previously @CellScope, @Microsoft. Stanford B.S.
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Quartet Investors

Nat Turner
Co-Founder of Flatiron Health, previously Co-Founder/CEO of @Invite Media