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Conversational AI built for scale

What We're Building

Pypestream, the market's most advanced conversational AI solution, elevates customer experience to new levels. Built for scale, Pypestream revolutionizes its customers’ contact centers, turning digital engagements into a competitive advantage for the world's leading enterprises. The full-stack platform includes Pypestream's Engagement Automation, which bridges disparate systems through application programming interfaces (APIs), robotic process automation (RPA), and user authentication to deliver transactional functionality alongside natural language understanding (NLU). Users engage via Pypestream's Conversational Interface, a 24/7 immersive gateway to a business. Encrypted B2C exchanges flow through "Pypes," the only patented messaging carrier purpose-built for enterprises. Pypestream's deployment methodology, PypeProSM, ensures digital transformation so that customers achieve "conversational powerhouse" status.

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Jobs at Pypestream

Pypestream Team

Richard Smullen
Serial Entrepreneur. Founder @Genesis Media @Pypestream @Joinem @SouthWinston Investor @RealConnex @3FLOZ @Lynq @Worlds.Passionate technologist
Evan Kohn
Chief Business Officer @Pypestream
Julie Chen
CX Associate @Pypestream
Sam Sudakoff
Global Named Strategic Enterprise Accounts @Pypestream . Passionate about scaling startups. strategic, data-driven, relationship building, & enterprise sales
Praveena Sarathchandra
Founder of SmashTaps Pvt Ltd. Previously @WSO2
Amelie Wisniak
Product Manager @Pypestream. Previously co-founded @SportChaser.
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Pypestream Investors

Richard Smullen
Serial Entrepreneur. Founder @Genesis Media @Pypestream @Joinem @SouthWinston Investor @RealConnex @3FLOZ @Lynq @Worlds.Passionate technologist
Yoni Rubin
Business • Strategy • Operations Long time entrepreneur and investor, focusing on the startup tech sector. Smart messaging is taking over.

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