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Realtime messaging made simple

We spend our time maintaining reliable and scalable realtime infrastructure so you can spend yours building awesome realtime features.

What We're Building

Realtime user experiences are becoming an essential part of growing markets such as collaborative software, social gaming, mobile apps and the Internet of Things. Pusher allows developers to easily add realtime features to their apps or devices without worrying about scaling and maintaining their realtime infrastructure.

Each month, we deliver over 40 Billions messages to more than 3.5 Billion devices through our Realtime API. Companies like NYTimes, ITV, Mailchimp or the Financial Times trust us for their realtime infrastructure.

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Open Positions


Damien C. Tanner
Impact entrepreneur & angel investor. Founder @Union Motion (electric vehicles), @Thoughtbot (agency), @MediaCore (acquired by Workday) (video platform) & @Pusher (realtime API).
Max Williams
CEO/Co-Founder of @Pusher
Jordan Quigley-Jones
Product Manager @Pusher.
Tom Pyle
A Talent professional focussed on process implementation and improvement, diversity, retention, on-boarding and sourcing, Current Head of Talent @Pusher
Sylvain Giuliani
CCO at @Pusher. Previously at @Allmyapps. Had fun with @Dropdock & @Foodsterbox
Alexandru Topliceanu
Passionate about computer science and entrepreneurship.
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Our Investors

Bill Lee
time to get back to reality! silicon valley angel -- @Tesla Motors, @SpaceX, @Yammer, @Hootsuite http://www.backtoreality.com
Eileen Burbidge
Partner at @Passion Capital and Co-founder @White Bear Yard (London). Online identities: Eileen Tso, Eileen Broch, Eileen Burbidge
Stefan Glaenzer
Founder @Passion Capital, @White Bear Yard. First investor and exec chairman @lastfm and @Mendeley, named best angel investor in Europe by @TechCrunch Europe .
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