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B2B Marketing lead and Growth Hacker at PurpleSlate

Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Remote · Cofounder
We create technology that powers events by text messaging, enabling people to get together in the real world easily with the people and for the causes that they care about. Our platform allows users to send invitations and collect RSVPs via text in seconds, helping them manage their events easily and effortlessly. We have a validated product that users love and want more of. Read More
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Job Description

We are a Denver based startup, PurpleSlate ( and have a tech platform that makes event management fast and easy with text messaging. We have validated our product by launching an MVP and have seen impressive organic growth. We are in search of a Marketing lead who shares our passion of making getting together in the real world easy and effortless with our text-based technology vs traditional email based systems. Ideally, we would love to work with someone who has experience in B2B sales and marketing. This person would play a key role in building our revenue and growth strategies with full autonomy to bring on new ideas as to how to expand our user base and generate revenue.


1. Serve as Chief Marketing Officer
a. Growth marketer - Define Product/Market fit for B2B
b. B2B Sales and Marketing - Lead Generation and Sales Funnel
c. Execute on B2C growth strategies
d. Brand champion

2. Lead Digital Marketing
a. Updates to websites and social properties
b. Define the Social Media Strategy
c. PR and Influencer Outreach
d. SEO expertise (good to have)

3. Assist in making strategic company and product decisions

4. Actively seek out strategic partnerships


1. Possesses entrepreneurial spirit
2. Demonstrates vision and strategic decision making skills
3. Excellent writing and language skills
4. Hands on team player
5. Experience in B2B Sales and Marketing
6. In-depth knowledge and understanding of Social Media platforms
7. Ability to define and execute PR and Influencer outreach strategy


1. You will receive a significant equity share in the company
2. We are also open to a commission based sales model for B2B business
3. This is a remote role so location can be of your preference
4. We understand if this is something you are able to do only part-time (25%-30% of your time, with the potential of converting into full time


Please contact Neha Mohta at if you would like to chat more!

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What We're Building

PurpleSlate sends fast invites via Text in seconds and makes getting together in the real world easy and effortless. Our integrated platform of desktop app, native apps, mobile web and text makes it seamless for you to organize your event so you can focus on your event and worry less about the work behind sending invitations, following up on RSVPs, sending reminders, etc.

Our text platform communicates your event invitations to your attendees in seconds and you know in real time when your invitations have been delivered. The RSVPs come in at a lightning speed as 94% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of delivery vs. a mere 22% email open rate. Reminders and chat messaging are powered by text as well, so you can stay connected with your audience in real time.

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PurpleSlate Team

Neha Mohta
Founder @PurpleSlate • 14+ years of experience working with multinational companies like @Western Union, @The Linde Group, Chartered Accountant from India
Ravi Bhalotia
CTO, Product Development, Mobile Apps (iOS + Android), Skilled in working with distributed team spread globally

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