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Testing and Analytics for the Voice Ecosystem

The voice ecosystem is taking off. The number of applications on Amazon's Alexa platform (or "skills") grew by 10 times in 2017, and adoption is accelerating. Read More
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What We're Building

The voice space creates enormous new opportunities for human computer interactions, but it's also full of challenges. A voice interaction is much less constrained than than a visual interaction on web or mobile, and understanding how real people interact with computers in this new medium is the most critical need of the ecosystem today.

Pulse Labs solves this problem by providing a platform and a panel of users for testing voice applications with real people, while providing analytics and actionable insights both during testing and beyond.

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Pulse Labs Team

Dylan Zwick
Co-founder and CPO @Pulse Labs • Worked at
Abhishek Suthan
Co-founder and CEO, Pulse Labs
Micah Friedland
Product Specialist and Software Developer. Founder of profitable startup. Worked @Lazard. . @Northwestern
Phillip Hunter
VP of Products at Pulse Labs
Ashish Shah
Chief Technology Officer, Pulse Labs

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