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Create and share immersive music videos

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What We're Building

Pulp is the best way to create amazing music videos and share moments of your life. Mix unique animated live video filters with music and create the most interesting videos to share around you. Discover new music and connect with other creators from all the world.


> Pick unique live video-filters
> Shoot short music video loops
> Select music for your video amongst millions of songs available on Apple Music.
> Share your videos with your followers on Pulp
> Share also on Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Vine, Facebook Messenger, etc...
> Get likes on your videos from the Pulp community
> Get featured and share your creations with the entire Pulp community
> Discover new music and connect with other music video creators

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Pulp Team

Alexandre Passant
Founder @YapMe + @MDG Web. Previously lead R&D w/ @Cisco , @Google, etc. at @DERI. Ph.D. AI / Semantic Web. Music + Data nerd.
Charles Alix
Founder YapMe • Worked at @Twitter, @Facebook • Studied at @National College of Ireland
Stan Massueras
European Sales Director @Intercom. Ex @Facebook and @Twitter. Early stage investor

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