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Job Description

Are you a Mechanical Engineer? Do you love the taste of a perfectly refreshing beer? Tired of being served warm, foamy pints? If you answered “Heck yes!” to all three of those questions we want you to join our team. At Pubinno, we’re building smart taps for perfect beer. Powered by robotics, IoT, and data analytics, our goal is to deploy our smart taps all over the world.

This role will allow you to significantly impact product development on the smart tap. You will join our core engineering team in San Francisco to work on new products and features. You must be responsive, flexible, and able to succeed within a fast-paced and collaborative environment. We expect you to have relevant expertise in mechanical design, along with the following:

Minimum Qualifications
• BSc. Mechanical Engineering
• 5+ years hands-on mechanical design experience with design/project responsibility
• Proficiency with ME CAD tools
• Strong academic background in engineering fundamentals
• Familiarity with product development processes from concept to production
• Experience in designing injection molded / casted / machined parts
• Strong mechanical aptitude
• Proficiency presenting engineering designs, proposals, and reports

Preferred Qualifications
• MSc. in mechanical Engineering
• Working experience with product lifecycle management (PLM), finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
• Experience in designing enclosures for electronics
• Experience in working with manufacturing departments, sub-contractors and suppliers
• Adequate knowledge of control systems

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What We're Building

Pubinno’s Taptronics: Smart Beer Tap serves perfect beer for each pint with its patent pending robotics and control algorithm. Most importantly, it provides smooth creamy foam that creates a wonderful drinking experience. It also reduces waste and makes all sales, inventory and maintenance records available online. With Taptronics; consumers are happy, bar managers increase profits and brands can access to real time sales, inventory and quality data of their clients and ensure quality standardization everywhere. This is the future of draft beer industry.

BeerPoint, our first product, is a connected beer dispenser. By serving a glass of beer less than 8 seconds, it reduces the waiting time of customers. BeerPoint operates with prepaid NFC cards that are sold in the sales outlets. Customers can purchase preloaded cards and get their drink with a simple tap. All data is stored at our cloud database for real time notifications and analysis.

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