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I occasionally see exceptional startups that are in the process of raising rounds and need the kind of help I can provide in terms of early stage customer development, team building, partnerships, and downstream fundraising. These deals will be pre-seed, seed, or Series A rounds. The primary focus is on great teams working on large markets, and investments will be over a broad set of categories. Please see my AngelList profile for an idea of the types of startups I have invest in previously.

Please note, I am investing both as an individual and as an Open Angel, a program created by Bloomberg Beta, the early-stage venture fund.

Bloomberg Beta created the Open Angels program to deepen relationships with a handful of angels they trust. They will back every deal I syndicate at a fixed ratio with my personal investment. (In my case, Bloomberg Beta invests $10 for every $1 from me.) While a portion of each allocation I bring will therefore be reserved for Bloomberg Beta, they do not intend to be direct investors in my portfolio companies and I will manage the syndicate's relationship with companies. Bloomberg Beta's intent is to support people they trust as investors, and extend their fund to support many more companies, not to create direct deal flow for them.


I will syndicate all deals through AngelList, so backers will have access to any deal I do. Allocations will vary, with preference given to pre-committed capital.

Parker Thompson
Partner @angellist. Partner @500startups. Code+BD @pivotal Labs. Code @placesite. Hoarding data @internet-archive. Digital copyright stuff @uc-berkeley iSchool.
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Kenny Van Zant
Former head of business for Asana, and Chief Product Officer for Solarwinds. Board member for CastLight Health, and Itential
Vasu Kulkarni
Founder / CEO of @krossover , Managing Partner @courtside-ventures
Sundeep Ahuja
I've led 100+ Syndicates incl @mosaic @good-eggs @sandboxvr @notable-labs @livelyhsa @lus-brands; 3x Founder; Author; BS CS Stanford.
Talmadge O'Neill
Serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Co-founded Juvo+ & MeziMedia.
Raj DasGupta
DragonScale Ventures- Author of The Icarus Prediction 100+ Angel Investments UMBC Alumni /Stanford AI Graduate Studies
Roj Niyogi
CEO/Co-founder @learnyinc; ex-CEO Corona Labs (acqd by @appodeal); Founder (TSX:PER, acqd by RhythmOne) and MdotM. Early employee @socialmedia-com
Can help with
“Consumer Internet experience
Mobile user acquisition advisory
Global team building
Lean startup practices”
Ed Roman
Managing Director, Hack VC. Entrepreneur, developer, angel. Built several startups with strong exits. I pay-it-forward by helping as much as possible.
Tyler Willis
Founder of @unsupervisedai — Investor in companies like @lyft, @patreon & @lambda-school.
Can help with
“I founded one of the top companies in the AI space and was exceptionally early (founding employee) at two successful startups — where I ran marketing,...more
Parker gets people, gets companies, and has a sharp ability to understand what it will take to get a product and business to the next level.
Jonathan Aizen
Co-worker at a company Parker Thompson worked for
Parker has this amazing capability to *get* your product right away and give you some great feedback. He was instrumental in developing our pitch and connect us to amazing people. This guy is an asset to any startup in the 500startups network.
Adam Benayoun
Founder of a company Parker Thompson invested in
Parker is a great asset at 500 and as somebody who gave us feedback during the 500 accelerator program. Now as the head of their SF program, we are excited to see what he does next.
Jay Singh
For Parker Thompson's investment at ViralGains
Incredible combination of technical, product, and people management expertise
Eve Peters
For Parker Thompson's investment at Whim
Parker has proven to be one of our most valuable advisors. He's exceptional at distilling ideas and defining how to implement a strategy. Time and time again he has served as both an advocate for our work, and a realistic motivator; without sugar coating the necessary steps we need to take to...more