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We are using physical photos as a door to the digital.

If you are into photography: combine passion and work.
Get your hands on an amazing and creative product.
Join a diverse team.
Express your creativity.
Participate in a unique experience and join a successful company.

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What We're Building

We are defining a new medium for photography, by using physical photos as a door to the digital memories. By mixing physical and digital photography, our goal is to make people feel more connected to each other, and make them relive significant moments.

We started by applying our technology to Instant Photography: we created a case for smartphone that would print pictures instantly, just like an old school Polaroid. Except that holding any smartphone over any printed picture will make it come back to life, like a Harry Potter picture.
We then extended our usage to other types of physical photos: our users can send each other physical postcards with a hidden message hidden each one of them.

Every Prynt photo is like a door between times and people, you can use it as a way to share beautiful moments in an authentic way.

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Jobs at Prynt

Prynt Team

Clément Perrot
CEO & co-founder at Prynt, the first smartphone case printing pictures instantly, like a Polaroid. Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique & UC Berkeley
David Zhang
CTO and co-founder @Prynt, the instant camera for your smartphone.
Rémy Virin
iOS Engineer for 5 years, I love great UX and UI, TDD & Continuous Integration.
Henry Huck
Polytechnique CS, back-end and mobile developer with a good business background. Experience in a startup as lead developer
Robin Barata
Lead Industrial Designer @ Prynt the next generation of instant camera. Graduated in innovative product design section in 2012 in Paris.
Virginie Dejean
Key member of the Operations team of Prynt, San Francisco consumer electronics startup that raised more than $1.5M during its crowdfunding campaign
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Prynt Investors

Avidan Ross
Founder @Root Ventures. CS @Columbia University -> Engineer -> CTO -> Hardware Hacker -> Investor. Always searching espresso || food || beer
Steve Anavi
Founder & President @Qonto • Founded @Smokio (acquired) • COO at @Groupon • Alumnus from @INSEAD @EPFL @Tokyo University
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