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What We're Building

Workflow automation for lawyers.

Keeping track of updates in cases is incredibly painful for lawyers in India. An average lawyer handles over 70 cases across multiple Courts. These cases get updated daily with new tentative dates of hearing, orders (record of proceedings) and final hearing dates. This data is published by Courts on their websites with no tools for lawyers to receive automatic updates. As a result, lawyers have to keep track of these updates themselves via manual methods.

These methods are inherently slow, repetitive, resource intensive and error prone.

With our product, a lawyer is able to consume a feed of updates for their cases via notifications and sees all their cases organised automatically in order of its hearing dates.

We do this using best in class technology, strong understanding of court processes and terminologies, and continuous improvement on data integrity.

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Jobs at Provakil

Provakil Team

Ashish Madeti
Co-Founder and CTO @Provakil
Akshat Anand
Founder @Provakil. I'm a lawyer building products to solve problems lawyers face
Pulkit Anand
Founder @Provakil • Worked at @InnovAccer, @Sabre
Divaker Bhardwaj
Provakil- Business Developer, Sales Ninja, S.S. Impex - Operations Manager. Customer Support. Go Getter, Enthusiastic Gardener.
Tirth Bal
Full Stack Developer | ML Enthusiast | Competitive Programmer .
Prateek Prashar
Business Economics Graduate, Co-founded an NGO, A Keen Learner
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