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Proper Cloth is uniquely half technology startup and half menswear brand. Nobody combines these two sets of expertise quite like we do. We're growing quickly with the ambition of building a leading menswear brand. We're a small team based in Soho, with a fun, energetic atmosphere. We have thousands of customers and a proven business model.

What We're Building

Proper Cloth makes it easy for men to purchase perfect fitting dress shirts online. In any style. In any size. It’s easier than driving to the mall. Shirts start from $80 and are delivered in 1-2 weeks. Try it at

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Seph Skerritt
Founder Proper Cloth
Issey Kobori-Hotchkiss
Graduating senior at New York University with proven success in luxury sales, product development, and inventory management.
Paul Beirne
Delighting customers and improving business processes at the intersection of experience and product management.
Justin Lee
Trinity School Graduate/Harvard College Student, Experience working in New York District Attorney's Office, Math Major
Jeffrey W. Lai
Recent graduate who completed two analytical majors in four years, understand manufacturing process improvement, business strategy, finance, supply chain
Apollonia Roman
Enthusiastic goal crusher, researcher, people person, creative writer, and content editor.
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