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We've done it before, we've pulled together the team, and we are funded. Rafael co-founded NexTag and helped grow the company until its 2007 sale for $1.2 Billion. Sathappan was an early NexTag employee and led the development of the company's SEM technology--in its day it was the best in the business. We are working at the intersection of super-personalized e-commerce, mobile-based services, and computer vision. The team is diverse and cohesive. We work in an amazing facility in Santa Cruz with its own private airstrip, mountain bike course and enjoy catered lunches.

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Project YX is in stealth mode. We are a consumer-focused company working on super-personalized commerce services.

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Rafael Ortiz
Founder, Project YX Co-founder, NexTag Evangelist, Apple Sales Representative, ROLM/IBM MBA Stanford BA UC Santa Cruz

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