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Product Management courses in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York and Los Angeles

Product School is the world’s first tech business school. We offer product management, coding and data analytics courses, taught by real-world product managers working at top tech companies like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Airbnb, LinkedIn, PayPal, and Netflix. Read More

What We're Building

Product School is an education company that offers Product Management courses in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York and Los Angeles.

Our instructors are professionals with over 5 years of real-world product management experience working at renowned tech Companies like Google and LinkedIn, and other technology startups. Our students are professionals with over 3 years of experience in technology, business or design roles.

All our classes are compatible with a regular work schedule and our campuses are conveniently located in each city where we operate.

This is not your traditional lecture class. Expect a healthy mix of group work, one-­on-ones with mentors, and a hands­-on experience building your own digital product from end to end.

We have assembled a list of local hiring partners who are eagerly looking for our top Product School students.

We are a close bunch that gets stuff done. We run daily stand-ups and treat the entire program as a product. I'm proud to be involved in the Product community helping aspiring product managers transition into PM. In this role I have grown and have learned so much about the burgeoning industry of Tech Ed. The best part of this job is the tight-knit community that we have built over the past couple of years.
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Open Positions


Carlos González de Villaumbrosia
Founder @Product School. Before, CEO @Floqq (invested by @500 Startups). CS Engineer. @UCBerkeley Alumni. 3 Education Companies founded
Jeremy Glassenberg
Experienced Product leader with 8+ years helping to grow successful startups. Creator of Box's developer platform. BS Computer Science from UIUC, MBA from CMU.
Aman Thapar
I am a creative problem-solver and an entrepreneurial healthcare tech PM with 7+ years experience, with an engineering and business background.
Hamid Schricker
Director of Product in Consumer Health
Taimur Khan
Product Manager, Business Development
Nicole Desjardins
Over 4 years working in product and strategy. I bring a behavioral sciences perspective to shape customer and partner experiences.
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