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Software Engineer - Javascript/React at Prix

London · Full Time
Inaccurate forecasting and sub-optimal pricing cost companies 10-20% of their revenues. Today there is no obvious choice of partner for mid-size companies to solve these problems. Prix wants to change that. Read More
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Job Description

Demand changes constantly. prix is a self-driving price to keep 
your revenues on track. Its solution is delivered through APIs and intuitive dashboards.

We're a startup. For us this means the shared freedom to work how we want, on something we’re passionate about, with people we like.
We’re a tech & science company. For us this means an insistence on building stuff that works, overcomes engineering challenges and solves non-trivial scientific questions.

We do the right thing by our team. Which means that we have flexible hours, remote working, transparent & fair compensation (salary & options), health-plan, hardware budget. And just generally that we respect each other and have fun.

8 people in the team right now. 5 of whom PhDs.

Everyone in the company is involved in:
- Defining company strategy & product roadmap
- Participate in our inclusive agile-culture - plan, sprint, fix etc.
- Pitch in on whatever needs doing

- Our server-less Dashboard which does all of our data visualisation
- Building never-seen-before ways of interacting with complex information

- A few years of JS-experience
- Hands-on React/redux/saga experience with production code
- Good sense of UX/UI - we don't mock everything up
- Excitement about visualising data

React/redux, Formidable charting, clean & high-quality code

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What We're Building

Only 10% of the world’s 190,000 hotels use revenue management software. Revenue management decision support adds 5-10% to the revenues of this £400 billion industry. The total addressable market for software decision support for mid-size hotel revenue managers is £500 million.

Prix uses technology developed in finance and engineering to understand hotel bookings at a deeper level and understand combinatorial complexity. This makes it possible to reduce reliance on historical patterns and make better decisions. We differentiate by being a tech-led company in hospitality (most competitors are the inverse).

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