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Prix uses proprietary machine learning and to optimise sales and grow revenues.

Inaccurate forecasting and sub-optimal pricing cost companies 10-20% of their revenues. Today there is no obvious choice of partner for mid-size companies to solve these problems. Prix wants to change that. Read More

What We're Building

Only 10% of the world’s 190,000 hotels use revenue management software. Revenue management decision support adds 5-10% to the revenues of this £400 billion industry. The total addressable market for software decision support for mid-size hotel revenue managers is £500 million.

Prix uses technology developed in finance and engineering to understand hotel bookings at a deeper level and understand combinatorial complexity. This makes it possible to reduce reliance on historical patterns and make better decisions. We differentiate by being a tech-led company in hospitality (most competitors are the inverse).

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Open Positions


Jens Munch
Founder @Prix • Previous Chief Strategy Officer at @iZettle & Strategic Partnerships @Google
Giuseppe Sirigu
Aerospace engineer, experience in control system development and optimization; international experience; analytical skills
Andrew Muir Wood
Growth Lead at Prix
James Lonergan
Creative Director / Cyclist.
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