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Primed Technologies

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Redefining Conversational AI -- We're hiring!

Primed is redefining Conversational AI. We're currently building an AI character for children to engage with emotionally .

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What We're Building

We're building cutting-edge conversational technology. At Primed we think the world needs a conversational companions. We're not duplicating what Amazon's Alexa, rather, we're build a fuzzy and friendly character people can hold in their hand and converse with. Our vision is to build a digital soul.

Primed is redefining Conversational AI.

We understand that we’re looking for a personality different than other companies: team players who love tinkering with an experimental mindset in a high energy environment. If you love experimenting, are fine throwing away most of your code to focus on what works, have an attention to detail, and an experience creating products we’d love to hear from you!

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Primed Technologies Team

Kevin Primat
CEO of Primed – a company redefining Conversational AI. Entrepreneur, angel investor, and innovator.
Eugene Bann
CTO @Primed Technologies; Founder @AEIR and @X2AI; Computer Science @University of Bath; AI, Computational Emotion, NLP, Quantum Cognition, Simulation Theory.
Nao Otsubo
Management Consulting | Program Management | Analytic Insights | Operations | MBA @London Business School | @University of Cambridge

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