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Predictive analytics for geopolitical intelligence

We're building the Bloomberg terminal for intelligence, starting with a predictive analytics engine for geopolitical volatility. Read More

What We're Building

We've built a predictive analytics suite that tracks and forecasts where geopolitical volatility will happen around the world — events like civil protests, labor strikes, and regime changes.

Our systems monitor digital conversations on open-source social and collaborative media, using statistical and machine learning models to combine these signals into near-real time indexes of political volatility within any given country, operational footprint, or topic of interest. Specifically, we've built:

- A data platform and a large taxonomy and database of past geopolitical events
- Machine learning and statistical systems for identifying data sources indicative of volatility
- Benchmarking and backtesting tools to verify their validity
- Visualizations and alerting systems that identify locations and topics with increasing volatility

Open Positions


Andrew Choi
Co-founder and CTO of @Predata. Previously analyst @Insight Venture Partners and S/W eng @Edge Lab. @Princeton University ORFE grad
Jim Shinn
Co-founded Dialogic, did IPO and then returned to academia. Recruited into USG after 9/11, returned to teach at Princeton and then co-founded Predata.
John Urbanik
Engineer @Predata. Previously @Palantir Technologies through acquisition of @Poptip, founder @Beertending. @Princeton University.
Raymond Zhong
Head of Product at Predata, previously @AngelList, @Dorm Room Fund, @Princeton University
Dakota Killpack
Princeton PhD student researching the application of nonparametric Bayesian ML techniques to discover structure in music and music communities
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Our Investors

Ashby Monk
Co-Founder @Long Game • Executive Director, Global Projects Center, Stanford University • Studied at @Princeton University @University of Oxford @Sorbonne
Jordy Albert
FinTech Dude at Edison Partners

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