Paul Dinsmore

CEO of @VODU. Strategic Advisor to @Vevo for Int'l @LAUNCH. Fmr. Head of Global Digital for Sony Pictures TV. @CMU MS/MBA.

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What I Do

Passionate about building international businesses. Leadership and experience building online and mobile businesses for early stage companies and major industry leaders. A broad global network and first-hand experience in global business culture having worked in nearly every major media market.


At 22, I met George Soros who asked me if I wanted to go to Ukraine to help his foundation bring technical assistance to the former Soviet Union. His team introduced me to the Deputy Minister of Finance who was building a trade office for western businesses to find joint venture partners with recently privatized Ukrainian businesses. I developed the first guidelines & procedures for establishing business in Ukraine and a DB matching prospective companies with major brands from Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America. Besides working with brands like Pepsi, DEC and Apple, I helped Tampax partner to build the first western tampon factory in Ukraine.

What I'm Looking For

Angel Funding and interesting partners