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I am typically interested in unique AI & Blockchain technology deals targeting big market opportunities. I tend to gravitate towards things that are hard to do and not easily replicate-able. Path to "barrier to entry" is important to me.

Praveen Mandal
+ 5 Successful Startups (2 Founded) + 3 Public Company SVP/VP of R&D + 7 Boards / Advisor Positions + 2 Advisors to Academia (MIT Connection Science Fellow) + 10 Patents
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It was my pleasure to have known and worked with Praveen. He is a true innovator, a skilled leader, a deep technologist, and an unrelenting seeker in his quest for finding the next big tech disruption. While I was CEO of Riverstone Networks, he successfully lead his team to deliver leading-edge...more
Praveen is an amazing, hands-on Board member who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. He brings not only a wealth of operating experience, but also enthusiasm and advocacy that has been invaluable for our ongoing fundraising and business growth efforts.
Praveen is an investor and a Board Observer at Insurify and he has been instrumental part of our growth. He is very smart and has solid business and technology background. When we started building Insurify, he helped guide our product roadmap and strartegy and has provided many introductions to...more
I worked together with Praveen at SGI for about 4 years. This was an exciting time as Praveen proved to be a catalyst for innovation. We approached every project with the mindset of doing something special, different and better. All our meetings led in the end to a new idea, proposal or...more
For context, Praveen has been a long time investor of our company, and an involved and impactful Board Observer.

I cannot more highly recommend Praveen as a mentor, advisor, and investor - he's had a fantastic and relentlessly positive impact on the company, and on a personal note - has...more
Praveen is a pleasure to work with. He is bright, helpful, and always ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation. He has an eye for talent as an investor -- and an impressive past to highlight his own abilities as an operator. Also, his positivity is contagious. Praveen has been a personal...more
Praveen and I worked at SGI. Post that we have been staying in close touch. He has sourced, and I co-invested with him on several great companies.

At SGI, both his energy and disruptive thinking are contagious. He supercharged his team and the company and inspired us to a higher level of...more
Praveen and I were co-founders of ChargePoint. He was essential to the company as he understands business, finance, and technology and their intersection. He's constantly at the front of technology trends and how they relate to business.
I have known Praveen for 20+ years as a colleague and a co-founder of 2 successful companies. Praveen is the most passionate, energetic, analytical, caring and solutions-oriented person I have worked with during my career. Praveen builds very high performing teams with a character and is not...more
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