Jobs at Prakshep

Space & Defence

Prakshep is an image intelligence company focussed on monitoring EARTH using satellites and providing the derived information for FREE to the farmer network. For enterprise and government, we have Thorium, Prakshep's SAP ICC certified solution as a magic sauce for all your location intelligence needs.
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What We're Building

Prakshep, is using Satellites combined with Deep Learning for mapping the story of India.

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Jobs at Prakshep

Prakshep Team

Sameer kumar
Co-founder @Prakshep
Rajat Ranjan
Worked at Prakshep . Went to Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Akash Gupta
Data Scientist @ Prakshep. Experience in Machine/Deep Learning , Computer Vision with Python . Went to Thapar University.Looking for Full Time opportunities.
Nitin Shukla
Highly adaptive in all sorts of environment with leadership & interpersonal abilities. Critical thinker who is resolute in taking decisions.
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