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What We're Building

POTLOC is the first plateform which source customers needs for retail businesses in each neighborhood.
Citizens are invited to answer the question : "Which retail store or restaurant would you like to have around you?"
By gathering thousands of responses, POTLOC highlight huge opportunities for retailers and restaurateurs!

POTLOC uses powerful social networks campaigns to source what customers want in each geographical areas.
Targeted customers are invited to go on potloc.com and to express what, how and where they want to shop.

This crowdsourced data is decoded and sold to shopping malls owners, cities and retailers. It allows them to have clear insights about their customers’ needs and to highlight business opportunities.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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Rodolphe Barrere
POTLOC - Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Louis Delaoustre
Co-founder & Co-CEO Potloc
Jérémy Lagrue
Dev iOS and Rails
Catherine Desrochers
Idealist, Dreamer & UI/UX Designer

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