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We invest very early in incredible UK teams with traction and worldwide potential, and we help take the company through to series A.

You can join the syndicate but you have the option to opt out of any deal.


  • UK born and based.
  • Degree in Theoretical Mathematics and Electronics.
  • Numerous years sleeping on beaches around the world - honestly.
  • Ran many tech projects in the UK and Australian investment banks.
  • Employ over 50 people in tech companies I created.
  • Founded numerous internet properties based in the UK including:
  • One of first investors in Techstars, and Entrepreneurs First in Europe ( still an investor in all 3 ).
  • Invested directly in over 20 internet companies in 24 months.
  • Helped seed raise for many of those 20 companies.
  • Heavily connected within the UK Tech and investor ecosystem, thus gets shown and invited to participate in many deals.
  • Largest Angellist syndicate in Europe with over 100 tech investors including many of the well known people in UK tech.

My personal syndicate grew exceptionally fast and now has many well known people in tech in the UK backing me. Hence I have recruited some of the smartest people I know who I have worked with on various things over the years to help out and work on the syndicate. These include:

Andy Stevens - My CoFounder of Potential. We have worked together for almost 15 years.

Paul Humphreys - Paul has worked with me at Potential for almost 10 years, helping generator 100's of million of visitors to websites

YC NG - Has been working in the startup world. He also did Economics at Cambridge, so is quite smart:)


  • Invest in great UK based teams. Great means are nice, smart and can hussle.
  • Invest in teams we have met several times so we know more about how they think.
  • Invest when the business is not fully established but has some interesting growth numbers and ideally has charged money for something
  • Invest when valuation is less than £1 million unless something exceptional ( we will invest at higher valuations but only exceptional cases )
  • Invest when the Syndicate can ideally take up the UK SEIS allowance ( upto £150K )
  • Aim to either have a small fund or High Net Worth to invest too at seed round along side the syndicate but outside of Angellist, with the aim of extending the time to the next raise. ( if you wish to invest a reasonable amount please contact us as we are happy for such deals to be done direct and for us not to have a carry - as that seems fair )
  • Help each company to be Series A ready utilising many of my staff
  • Introduce each company to 50 plus angels and VC’s in the UK.

Think similar to 500startups type model in the UK, with cheaper valuations and utilising the UK tax incentives:)


  • Mathematical based investing with a bit of knowledge thrown in.
  • Monte Carlo typing modelling in high risk investments has proven to get the best returns in many sectors. This involves making many investments, the ones that win will make returns that will dwarf the many losses. ( For Wiki explanation click here )
  • Obviously making slightly better informed bets can increase the returns, hence we invest in things that we have some understanding of the market and hence can spot good teams, good ideas and can give help.
  • We also invest in sectors we do not have any knowledge, but have friends who do understand them well and are investing in. Thus making sure we spread our investments into many sectors.
  • The chance of hitting a company that makes huge returns increases as you make more bets.
  • Please do not only invest in a small number of companies as this does not give a good chance of good returns
  • Aim to have pro rata rights so can follow on with the good companies.


  • UK is the hub of so many things.
  • UK has some of the best education establishments in the world - Oxford, Cambridge. etc
  • UK has open policy for workers from almost all European countries.
  • UK is stepping stone to Europe and we speak same language, real English:)
  • Almost all VC's are now global and many have presence in London - Google Ventures just opened.
  • The UK eco system is still small with most people knowing each other from startups, angels, vc's. We know quite a lot of them:)
  • UK is not Silicon Valley and it is harder to raise money but it is getting easier.
  • Valuations are still low at seed and no where near Silicon Valley valuations.
  • UK tech staff costs are a fraction of the Bay area but skill levels are as good, hence smaller raises are viable at early stage.
  • 3 years ago London had limited tech scene now it feels like a giant has awoken...I should write for the tourist board for a living:)
  • Some independent reports:


Financial Times



This does not include all my investments because quite a few have nothing to say since a seed round or have raised but the data is private.

36 months - 32 investments so far including:




Doug Scott - Angellist References

Doug Scott Linkedin

Please follow me and/or join my syndicate.

All the best:)


Ps. This is a serious post to explain what we invest in, but we like to be funny so here is our company website:

and my personal website:


Please apply here


I am not providing investment advice, people need to make their own investment decisions, startups are inherently risky, illiquid and they could potentially get less money or lose it all if they invest with you.

I will syndicate the best deals I see where: - there is at least £50k of allocation - founders are happy to do so
Doug Scott
Over 180 backers. Click to see why:) UK - GLOBAL - Go on click:):)
Partner @potential-uk • Founder @scarlett-of-soho • Investor @leaf-fm • Studied @university-of-cambridge-1
Paul Humphreys
Investor and advisor. Mentor at Techstars London and Ignite100 Run projects at
YeeMun Thum
Partner at @potential-female-founders, EiR @potential-uk. Co-founder @scarlett-of-soho. Digital marketing, content strategy, woman in tech.
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Raphael Leiteritz
Product Manager
Angel investor in >100 startups Google Director of Product Management Founded Open Source startup & worked on encryption before it was cool INSEAD MBA
Harry Briggs
Partner at OMERS Ventures Europe - €300m 🇪🇺 VC. Previously at @balderton Capital & BGF Ventures Early investor @revolut @gocardless Founder: Firefly Tonics
Neil Hutchinson
Currently focused on @neon-2 my personal investment vehicle. Founder @forward-internet-group
Eamonn Carey
MD at Techstars London. Board at Lingvist, Paranoid Fan, Gastrograph and Kencko.
Richard D. Titus
Fellow @cdl-2 Founder @razorfish (LA @schematic @prompt-ly +10. Worked @samsung-electronics, @bbc @videoplaza Early cohort @foundry-group
Wiktor Schmidt
Founder and CEO of @netguru - web and mobile software development consulting company.
Julian Carter
Co-Founder & M.D of EC1 Capital an early stage web and mobile tech investment firm based in London.
Philipp Moehring
Managing everything Europe (funds, syndicates) @angellist. Investing in early stage tech companies in Europe. Connecting founders, investors & talent.
Can help with
“I can help with investor outreach, helping startups navigate AngelList, and connect to most of Europe's tech scene.”
Doug is a passionate, committed angel with an energy and a network like few others. It's a pleasure to work with him as an investor and a mentor.
Doug is a fantastic angel - he challenges and questions me and ensures I am thinking things through without being overbearing. I rate Doug very highly and am delighted to have him as an investor!
Doug is a great angel and advisor. Incredibly well connected and extremely helpful when ever we need it. One of a kind.
I'd recommend Doug 99 times out of 100

Doug's probably one of the most connected people in London / the UK and he's always making introductions / advice

Doug is a man full of contagious energy. He's creative and very open-minded when providing feedback. Doug is the type of person that will proactively share his experience, forward you ideas or introductions with relevant professionals. I'm very glad to have met him during the Ignite100...more
Doug is an extremely savvy and experienced investor. He's patient, insightful and inspires our team to think about what we're doing on a regular basis. Doug has been brilliant at introducing me to the people i need to be talking to, when i need to be talking to them.
There is a saying, where I'm from, that there is probably at most 4 people between you and a very important contact you want to meet. Well, if you meet Doug, you don't need the 3 others. He has an enviable contact list. When Doug invest in a company, he brings more than cash - he brings...more
Doug really accelerated by connecting us with his network and providing a constant stream of advice, links and articles at the perfect time we needed them without having to ask :) 
It is great fun working with Doug !!
Doug is the best investor & advisor one could have - so hands-on with helping on big and small things alike. He is extremely intelligent and knows how to MAKE money - his tips are always useful and he is always ready to listen all our problems and help us at every step. So lucky to have him!
Doug is easily one of our most active investors. He continually introduces me and helps me network with other individuals and companies who can help us realise our potential as a company. 

Doug is arguably the most connected angel investor in the U.K. and no doubt he will always be one of our...more
Doug seems to connect us always with the right people who like us try to think a few years ahead and smiles even more than me.
Doug has been an exceptional mentor and facilitator of introductions. Having him as an investor continues to open up opportunities and we're very pleased to have him onboard.
Doug is a force to be reckoned with. He's intelligent and energetic; I could listen to him talk about investment strategy for hours. We took it as a great confidence boost that he decided to continue his investment in us in the last round.
Doug is teaching me how to grow and use my balls. Thinking and helping others to think straight. He stepped-up when no one wanted to look at me or my startup.
It's hard to think of any UK investor that's more crazy, clever and connected than Doug. He keeps it real, and is about getting things done. His rolodex it solid gold.
With Doug, there is no such thing as impossible. He is smart and energetic, inspires us every time we meet and he enjoys helping people. Plus, he knows everyone.
Doug is a great investor & advisor, providing off the wall advice that really gives fresh insights into strategy.
Doug is extremely well connected and is always happy to provide introductions. He provides great advice without being overbearing and has an energy few other angels do.
Doug is super helpful, approachable and typically several steps ahead ;)
Paul Slater
For Doug Scott's investment at Fit Gurus Ltd (Gym Plan)
Doug is one of the most passionate, down to Earth, and knowledgeable people in tech that I’ve met and has been an invaluable asset to our business. He’s a hands-on investor who brings a lot more to the table than capital. He’s a mentor with a killer network and has introduced us to individuals...more
Doug's so well connected he's an obvious choice. He also has a team of seriously talented people around him, but Doug's real value is in all the little hints & tips he keeps sending us to help us grow & develop as a company. Doug Scott is the Ultimate Growth Hacker™. 
Ben Mawhinney
For Doug Scott's investment at DroneLab
Doug is one of the smartest and most connected investors in the country, every conversation is a learning experience.
Nick Light
For Doug Scott's investment at Booly
Doug has fantastic vision and can see which companies have a valuable proposition and which one's don't. Doug's ability to spot a good investment coupled with his natural entrepreneurial skills have made him a strong voice of reason within the SME community.
Visionary, inspirational yet able to dissect noise and get to the nub of critical business and investment decisions... I have seen Doug do this for more than a decade...
Doug's enthusiasm is only surpassed by his knowledge of the startup space. As a mentor and investor in Chew he's provided invaluable support from day one and is always quick to offer support and introductions at every stage.
Greeting from Felicitas.i saw your profile today i became interested in you and I will like to know more about you and if you can mail an email to my mail address I will give you my picture. Here is my mail address ( I hope we can move from here. above Felicitas
Doug and his team are great advisors and door openers (they literally know everyone). And that's exactly what an early stage investor should do!

Long story short: MindMate wouldn't be the fastest growing platform for Alzheimer's without Doug & Potential VC
Doug know the affiliate marketing model inside and out and thinks big picture getting straight to the bones of opportunities and problems.
Ben Jackson
For Doug Scott's work with
YC is all about the detail. Plus nice guy:)
Doug Scott
For YC Ng's work with Potential UK
YC has very rapidly become my partner in crime going thru the whole AngelList craziness. He's not only madly smart but a quick thinker and a great executioner. You don't get 2 like him and anyone would kill to have a partner like him pushing forward.
YC has to be one of the friendliest people I ever met. He's super smart, he will crunch numbers in his head while he talks to you, is relentless, and is always always looking to make a deal :-)
YC is Intelligent, fast-moving and super helpful with everything, a total pleasure to work with.
YC is probably one of the most awesome persons I've ever worked with and he's been an awesome help in getting the business to scale and sorting out our fundraising efforts!
Have worked with YeeMun with a few years now and when it comes to strategy, corporate direction, and anything content - she's pure genius. And then she executes like a machine. Amazing :)
For YeeMun Thum's work at Potential Female Founders
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