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Postmates is transforming the way local goods move around a city by enabling anyone to get any product delivered in under one hour. Postmates' revolutionary urban logistics & on-demand delivery platform connects customers with local couriers, who purchase and deliver goods from any restaurant or store in a city.

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Bastian Lehmann
Posmtates Co-Founder & CEO - I'm addicted to customer feedback. I have no respect for the status quo.
Sean Plaice
I like to build things. Early Yelp Engineer, Postmates Co-Founder and CTO. Some other less interesting things too.
Sam Street
Co-founder of @Postmates. Front-End / iOS Engineer
Matt Galligan
VP of Product Design at @Postmates. Co-Founded @Circa, @SimpleGeo & @Socialthing.
Andrew Mager
Partner Engineer at @Postmates in San Francisco, CA. Formerly at @SmartThings, @Spotify, @SimpleGeo, @Ning, @CBS Interactive, and @ESPN.
Vivek Patel
Current: @Postmates Prior: Co-founder @Sosh • Worked at @The Climate Corporation, @Slide, @Google • Investor @Toro
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