Jobs at Pop

Pop is a marketplace where people discover artists and express themselves.

We are a fast growing company based inside of the VC/investment firm Science, Inc. It's a fantastic place to learn how to build a company, while joining one that is growing at a rapid pace.

What We're Building

Pop is a marketplace where people discover artists and express themselves. Just like YouTube created the next big stars, Pop will create the next big artists. Pop sells stickers across everyone’s favorite apps.

The Pop marketplace of digital goods, such as stickers, are distributed across some of the biggest platforms in the world, including Snapchat and Apple iMessage – with Slack, Hipchat, and Facebook coming next.

Additionally, brands can pay Pop to deliver advertisements, in the form of shareable digital goods such as stickers, across its app distribution network.

Pop’s goal is to be the company that truly creates and owns the sticker and digital goods industry in the United States, while supporting artists so that they can create more.

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Jobs at Pop

Pop Team

Alex Kehr
Founder, @Pop
Connor  Smith
Currently working to support artists selling digital goods at Pop Inc. Formerly built Science Growth Labs, the marketing arm of the Science Inc. incubator.

Pop Investors

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