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Senior Solidity Developer at Polymath Network

Toronto, Barbados, Remote, Remote · Full Time

Polymath is interfacing Securities with the Blockchain.

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Job Description



Polymath is an interface between financial securities and the blockchain, helping issuers to overcome the complex technical and legal challenges related to issuing regulated securities on the blockchain. We are a team of start-up veterans, legal experts, finance professionals, and all-star developers looking to hire senior Solidity developers to work on our technical initiatives.

Key Responsibilities

1. Act as senior technical advisor to the CEO and leadership team, guiding strategic decisions and resource allocation throughout the year.

2. Lead the architecture and engineering of our platform.

3. Define technology strategies and ensure that processes meet expectations for federal, state and community privacy and security throughout the year.

4. Create (or refine) a clear, concise product roadmap for the team. Provide structure to development activities using SCRUM / Agile methodologies.

5. Deliver functional solidity code on Ethereum testnet and production ready solidity smart contracts on Ethereum mainnet.

6. Conduct ongoing technical reviews of products and solutions (vendor selection) to evaluate their viability and alignment with Polymath’s strategic vision.

7. Hire, develop, and retain A player developers for the team. Hold developers accountable to meeting their scorecard deliverables month over month. Provide mentoring and coaching to build an excellent, well-rounded team.


* Must have production solidity code. Please include a link to your production solidity code, github profile, and other relevant profiles in order to be considered for this role.

* 3+ years’ management experience leading a team of developers.

* A deep understanding of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency space.

* Self-starter and comfortable in a fast-paced startup environment.

* Mandarin Chinese / Korean speaking is a plus (optional)

We offer

* Competitive base salary.

* Bonus options available in crypto assets.

* Travel to events and conferences (if desired).

* A choice of working in our office in Barbados or Toronto (or a combination of the two). Exceptional remote candidates will be considered.

* An opportunity to be part of the financial revolution.

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What We're Building

Polymath is creating the first globally compliant Financial Securities on the Blockchain.

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